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Feng shui nothing mysterious, supernatural


Feng shui is a science of Asians, Chinese arises from more than 3,000 years. It is often considered “feng shui” is something very mysterious and it’s harder to explain to the sky. But in fact, it is completely close to daily life. May 9/1999, Vogue (US) post’s reportage journalist Kristina Zimbalist said, many artists and […]


Design karaoke

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Sound system, theater room lighting should also be paying attention to, do not use white lights in the shop, by a soft light will make the space more beautiful and more luxurious. In addition, night lights will help people focus more on the karaoke screen without causing eyestrain, eye pain. Sound system is not open […]


City Furniture House Lot

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With narrow facades, modest length, so homeowners often build it into the floor type (3 to 4 floors are common type), so the interiors indoors also need to follow the laws of physical. How to furniture in the house is simple, but no less comfortable luxury and the general impression is of a lot of […]

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