Feng shui nothing mysterious, supernatural

Feng shui is a science of Asians, Chinese arises from more than 3,000 years. It is often considered “feng shui” is something very mysterious and it’s harder to explain to the sky.

But in fact, it is completely close to daily life.


May 9/1999, Vogue (US) post’s reportage journalist Kristina Zimbalist said, many artists and entrepreneurs in America, Europe and passion believes feng shui. The article stated that the case cited by Steven Klein, a fashion photographer who specializes in taking samples for famous magazines Vogue, Cosmo, Elle … Fall 1998, suddenly the studio of the photographer back so humid. A friend showed him to ask David Raney, who has many years of research chua geomancy Asians and helped many people to be happy and successful thanks to this technology.

David Raney came home and studio of Steven Klein. Every where, he changed the location of some items, add lights, flower pots, instead of glass doors … Yet his work off his fine. The article also revealed, even billionaire Donald Trump at Trump Tower building gigantic hotels and to consult David Raney. In addition, Kevin Hart billionaires, financiers Randolph Duke, the famous designer Joyce Ma, Vivienne Tam Shanghai Tany, or Princess Christine of Belgium, the famous computer engineer Wendy Lee, starring Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, model Cindy Crawford … are patrons of the David Raney.

David Raney is in California, USA. According to him, completely fengshui is science, not superstition as one might think. Nothing more, earlier, Asian intellectual world wants turned mystic things should not explain to the masses, creating illusory definition to this problem.

He said that only feng shui is the science of the environment: How to Sort indoors with plenty of light, fresh air, green trees, including water, fire and how to move comfortably distance , windows, doors open and people to easily contact with each other to avoid collisions, spread disease …

If you live in the right environment, people will be healthy, happy, thriving. Live where sloppiness, lack of harmony, their irritability, discomfort, failed to eat … Feng shui is actually science architecture plus environmental science in the form of ordinary experimentation.

David also said Raney, who also studied feng shui and applications. But like the other professions, there are some people and become focused.