The appearance of Melamine in the market is considered a breakthrough in the wood and interior design industry. With Melamine, the decoration is no longer monotonous, boring or “rudimentary” as before. For apartments with limited area, Melamine-coated boards are very popular. Melamine sheet is covered on industrial wood including MDF, HDF, plywood …

Hong Nghi Melamine Sheet is produced by modern technology lines to help the product achieve high aesthetics and color fastness over time. Through the research process of a team of experienced experts and modern growing machine system, Hong Nghi Melamine Sheet can replace conventional Laminate products with similar advantages. In particular, bring new solutions to interior manufacturers more cost-effective than using Laminate.

Structure: Melamine layer is heat-resistant, hard, with rich colors and patterns, pressed onto the surface of Chipboard or MDF

Technical properties of the product:

–  Scratch-resistant surface

–  Very good heat resistance.

–  Melamine 1-sided and 2-sided

Common thickness: 18mm, 25mm. Other thicknesses are optional, single-sided MFC can be made. MFC board also has other standard dimensions: 1830mm W x 2440mm x 18mm / 25mm Thick

Advantages: Easy to construct, used for simple constructions, with large wooden surface.

Disadvantage: Being laminated wood with a combination of wood chips and glue, so they are afraid of water. The water is often swollen.

Application: Furniture processing, especially office furniture. The downside is limited product design, edge processing and pairing. The edge is mostly finished with a plastic brace using a dedicated edge gluing machine.


Currently, Hong Nghi Company has more than 100 Mealamin colors available from plain colors such as black and white, light gray, lead gray … to all wood grain colors such as Oak (oak), Ash (ash), Oak, Xoan. , Knock Red, Yellow Nu, Red Nu, Cam … from modern to ancient imitation … all look like real wood to cover the surface of Okal board (particle board), MDF, Plywood …