Principles need to know when designing a tight narrow room

In one house, the living room is not always as well as the largest room size, sometimes as small and cramped. So how to design small living room? Refer to the following tips to make sure you will have a great solution for the living room.


1. Use the versatile furniture
Selection of versatile furniture will help save a lot of space for the room, some furniture can take on two or three functions. As a medium-length sofa seating for both can do the bed to lie or tea table can allocate more storage compartments …

2. Use a large size mirror
Installing mirrors are simple measures to help increase efficiency and virtual space for the living room. You can place a large mirror with a mirror reflection living room dominated airy living room space and more comfort.
But when the mirror room layout you also need to pay attention to feng shui elements to the room, not to put a mirror to the sofa.

3. Use decorations
When decorating the living room, opt for the smart decorations to make the room beautiful and impressive highlights. However, because the room has a small area should avoid picking ornament decorations choose a variety of colors, frills. Please remove unnecessary items or less used to the wider living room seen.